You are loved


I received so much love today so to you who is reading this, I love you. These plants I saw this afternoon were just ordinary but I find them beautiful and loved. To those who are loved, you are beautiful. We are all loved by this amazing person who we only call whenever we need something. But I am in awe everyday because I every time I open my eyes and still breathe…I am loved.

Thank you Lord for today.

Childhood Dreams


To all women out there, I am doing a quick survey of What were your childhood dreams? Here’s mine;

1. To own a barbie doll- I never had the chance to own one.
2. To wear a Vera Wang satin gown and gracefully walk to the altar where my Prince is waiting.
3. To become an Astronaut and fly to USA-because I thought America is another planet.
4. To be beautiful. Beautiful to me means; beautiful hair, flawless skin,perfect pearl white teeth, long-bridged nose, long finger, clean fingernails, long legs, pretty feet without callous, big butt, 24 waistline.
5. To have that Cinderella/Snow white/Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast Love Story. To find a handsome Prince.

Tell me what were your childhood dreams.

Let’s drink coffee


I am not a coffee drinker but I decided a long time ago to try something new and enjoy life’s simple adventures. Here it is, I am drinking coffee and to my surprise It’s deliciouso muchos. Now after the first cup, I feel like reading, I feel like watching a movie, I feel like writing and I just don’t want to give my thoughts a chance to escape from this small brain of mine. On the other laptop “Facing the Giants” is playing, on my right is a book entitled 5 Dreams of Every Woman.On my lap is my laptop and typing my thoughts away. Wuhooooo. I feel invigorated to multitask. Adventure it is.

Coffee- I tasted the sweetness and bitterness all in one. Yum. Living is like a coffee. Working is like a coffee. Motherhood is like a coffee. Dying is like a coffee. They are all bittersweet.Two different tastes yet when combined…it’s delicious. Today I conclude that everything in life is a combination of two different sides…positive and negative. Living is worthwhile when you will taste the bitterness and sweetness…like that of a coffee I sipped 20 minutes ago.


Hagonoy is my Home

1072425_10151731375268288_608690374_oHagonoy is a small town, a small part of the Philippine map. It’s not invisible but for some unknown reason if someone would ask me, Where do you live? I simply not proudly say I LIVE IN HAGONOY DAVAO DEL SUR. Because right after I would say Hagonoy I have to do a follow up statement, It’s a town adjacent to Digos City. Oh yeah! That’s where Hagonoy is. Check it out in your map if you want!

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Peace and Tranquility is found inside your heart


God, give me a new heart that I may be able to forgive others and forgive myself most especially. I release forgiveness, even to those who have not asked for it. Lord, that I may be forgiven by others whom I hurt the most. That all broken relationships will be restored, in thy Name. I cannot continue to live each day knowing that I cannot forgive others and myself. I cannot function normally knowing that someone is bothered by my existence. Lord, heal my heart, give me Peace…Peace which transcends all kinds of understanding. I am aware of my Continue reading

Life is short so ENJOY

tic tac tic tac tic tac says the clock. Time is running fast. Time is running so one should do something. There’s a recent death in the neighborhood I would like to share, a six year old boy who had brain tumor and fought a good fight and finally God decided to see him so off he went and bid goodbye to this chaotic yet beautiful world. Well,what I am trying to say is…Time is gold. It is precious. It is too precious that we should not spend our days regretting our past decisions, our misfortunes, our mistakes. There is so much we can do today. I have over seven near death experiences yet I feel like I have never really lived at all. The death of this little boy made me realize that I am so lucky and blessed, it also reminded me that life is too short. I have lived over 27 years therefore life has been good to me. We don’t own our lives, our tomorrow is unknown and untold. So spend each day with no more nonchalance and mundane, make it extra ordinary. With these realizations I want to make my bucket list.

Things I want to have,Things I want to do, Places I want to see, Experiences I sure want to try.

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I made a promise to myself that everyday of my life I should learn something new, be it from the Internet or from the activities/tasks I perform everyday, be it a fact, a trivia, just about anything. We never stop learning and sad to say, I don’t feel like I know a whole lot plus I don’t have any exemplary talent so I made a decision to do something that will help me discover my potential. So what do we have today?


I used to really think that goldfish has a three second memory span and even envied them for that matter. The fact that after three seconds they would see a whole new world, a fresh start, a new beginning. Oh I would love to have that kind of memory. LOL. I am just kidding. I love adventure. I love to make mistakes in life. I love to learn something new without having to start over and erase those memories. So I do not need a 3 second memory span to be able to appreciate life over and over again.
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This is not Taylor Swift’s Sixteen, this is my own version of Sixteen.

July 15 today, tomorrow’s July 16. It’s been 2 years since I had surgery done. That day when my faith was being tested. Tomorrow’s Mama’s 8 years living six feet below the ground. 16th of July I always feel sad because someone so dear to us left us with eternal humdrum, but for some reason today I feel elated. Everyday is a celebration of life. Every tomorrow is a commemoration of something great that happened yesterday. I had that big C. Cancer, Challenges financially, emotionally, Broken relationship, same day the Doctor discovered I have an incurable disease. But I have the Biggest God so I conquered them all.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:24-26

Nothing is too difficult for Him. Any insurmountable challenges will become so easy. Faith is when you believe even if you don’t understand. I simply did not understand that time. When I learned all of these, there was a tsunami in Japan and I said to myself Oh thank you Lord because the world is going to end any time soon. What a coward response!
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Beautiful imperfections

Life’s a bit challenging these days, but what’s life without challenges. I have to keep living until I no longer ache for something. “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” Thanks to -Bernice Johnson Reagon. It’s funny how I got so used to complaining when this site is supposed to inspire people to live life beautifully, to be happy, to be faithful to those little things. But I guess there’s really not a thing called perfect. Life is beautiful despite imperfections. Life is beautiful despite challenges. People are beautiful despite mishaps. People are beautiful despite all the scars they have.


I continue to live each day in my attempt to find myself, to find my purpose, to find my core. I am not chasing anymore, I will just let it be. Walk slowly, savor each day, breathe the air in, sigh if there’s a need to and enjoy life’s challenges.