What is your contribution to our Mother Nature?



3 goals

I am committed to bringing forth an

Environmentally Sustainable

Socially Just

Spiritually Fulfilling human presence in this planet


Ask yourself now? How can you contribute to make this planet a wonderful world to live. I am not an enviromentalist but I love nature and I want my kids, my grandkids, my great grand kids to experience nature and to be able to live beautifully, and be able to breathe clean air.

Note for today: Pain is inevitable, and we feel the pain because we love and we care. Remembering the Yolanda victims made me sad because I care about the nature and the lives that were lost during that time.

My second home: Tagaytay City, Philippines


This is my home for the next 10 days. Today is my second day in Tagaytay, it’s cold as usual, I checked the temperature it says 24 Celcius. For someone like me who lives in the city with temperature of 30 to 33 Celcius, so close to having a fever, the weather in Tagaytay made me want to sport a sweater. And yes I have been wearing a sweater for 2 days now.


I enjoyed the Funicular train ride in Tagaytay Highlands.If you know of a member in the golf club you will be able to enjoy the ride for free.





Tagaytay City is 56.2 Kms away from Manila. So this is the closest place to go when someone is exhausted with the hustle and bustle of the city. You will love the peaceful feeling just by looking Taal Lake and the foggy mountains. I love it here, but I can’t stay here longer because I miss my daughter.


I did a relaxing walk today, just to kind of breathe some fresh air and I saw these beautiful sunflowers. There are still more beautiful and colorful flowers that grow in Tagaytay because of its cold weather.


Things I love about Tagaytay

1. The 23-25 Celcius temperature
2. Majestic view of Taal Lake
3. Beautiful Flowers
4. Plastic-Less shopping bags
5. Quiet and Serene
6. You can drive fast. As fast as you can.

I still have 8 more days to experience Tagaytay

What are your dreams?

I have looked at my dreamboard again and I am reminded of my dreams. I have so many dreams for myself. I have so many dreams to reach. But am I closer to getting them? I wrote them and put pictures on it just so I could visualize them. I have done it 2 years ago, I have 7 more years to comply for it.

-Bloody Red Mazda 3
-House in the middle of the woods with 3 bedroom/2 bath made mostly of wood.
-Vacation in Prague, New Zealand and Japan
-College Education for daughter-DONE
-School for free teaching English and Values
-Hospital somewhere in Bukidnon that offers no medicine, no surgery, no radiation but just plain nutrition, no pollution, fresh air, organic fruits and vegetables (joint venture with my friend)

I know some of my dreams are only for myself because I believe God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I follow this mnemonic M-A-G-I-C from a young friend of mine Jan Hilado who is already an author of a book called Rich, Real, Radical.

M-easurable. Don’t just say I want a happy family. Say I want a happy family with 1 boy, 2 girls in 2015.

A-mbitious. Ambition is not a negative word, it simply means you dream high, you aim high. Because bigger dreams can actually keep someone excited. Make it attainable as well.

G-odly. Dreams that are not Godly can make someone miserable and empty. Notice that the G is actually in the middle of the word MAGIC because that only means that God should be the center of our dreams. He is the Great source. He is the richest among the rich. Discover the dreams that God has placed in your heart. I am really dreaming of building my own school and educate the young children for a better and beautiful tomorrow.

I-maginative. I can now imagine my house in the middle of the woods as a matter of fact I browsed the internet and looked for something that is almost the same with what I have in mind.I want to be married to a man with blue eyes, blonde hair, strong arms, taller than me, inlove with God and have heart for service.

C-omplete. Your dreams should touch all important aspects in your life; spiritual, family, physical, financial.

What triggered me to write this post is the message that I received today, I was invited to teach again at the University of Southeastern Philippines for another 10 days and I was like asking myself, shall I do this or not? But how can I say NO to 40 incoming college students who I can probably inspire, who will need God in their lives.

Lord thank you for this beautiful reminder. Thank you that you are lining up things in my favor: the right people, the right breaks, the right opportunities. I surrender my mind, my heart, my will and my emotions and even these dreams of mine Father God, so that I can live as a testimony of Your work in my life.

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The Little Boracay


I am a better traveler than a mother



I went home to visit my daughter  but it turned out to be a ME time because a friend from Singapore arrived and invited me for a quick trip to the Little Boracay of Davao del Sur. It wasn’t really the same as the Boracay Island in Caticlan however in the Land of Davao del Sur you would not see so much of a white sand beach so we call this resort Little Boracay even if it’s not really as beautiful as the real one. It’s about 30 kilometers from the city of Digos. Road from Digos to Sta. Maria (where the little boracay is located) has been fixed by the Local Government Unit which means that it was a smooth ride. There’s a little land turbulence for about 1 kilometer when reaching the place but it’s bearable.

Today, I concluded I am a better traveler than a mother.

Happiness is a choice you make.

beautifulWhat is happiness to you? What makes you happy? What gives you the sense of contentment? I also asked myself the same questions, What can make me truly and deeply happy? What is it that makes me happy? Money? Success? Accomplishment? I am still in my quest to finding what is happiness. I want to pursue my dreams and give my daughter the life that she deserves. This is certainly something that I want. Something that every single mothers want. I want to fulfill my dreams, to be successful in my chosen field and be able to provide for my daughter and live comfortably. Who wants to live in discomfort anyway? Then I learned that happiness for me is getting the things I want, happiness for me is being successful, happiness for me is fulfilling my dreams, happiness for me is living in comfort. Is this the kind of life that I want? Is this my purpose in life?

Writer Leo Rosten wrote, “The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to make a difference in this world.” I have also asked myself several times, especially when I visit a wake in the neighborhood, would my disappearance leave the world poorer or just less crowded? Now my view of happiness has changed. To be happy means to live a meaningful life.

Now another important question we need to answer, How to live a meaningful life?

This is my guide but you can also try this.


Yes, I am a baby born again Christian and still growing and still a work in progress. But I am gearing towards having a mature and personal relationship with God. Because having a personal relationship with Him can free us from the anxiety of meaningless existence. Today I am reminded “That in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to God’s purpose.”

We are all humans, imperfect, flawed, sinful, selfish…Yet having a relationship with God will draw us out of our preoccupation with our own interests and will enable us to minister to the needs of others.


Make it a practice. Get two sheets of paper. On one paper write your fears, doubts, worries, problems. On the other sheet write all the things you are grateful for. And then check the result. I’ve tried it and I was surprised with the result. Be faithful to those little things God gave you so you can be trusted with bigger things.


Live.Love.Laugh. If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. Just simply clap your hands. Every single thing we have can be taken away from us. Money? can be robbed. Success? can disappear. Our friends? Our family? The people around us? They are not ours. One thing that we can keep is our attitude towards any given circumstance. So while reading this, YOU CLAP YOUR HANDS! BE HAPPY!


oh!These flowers are burst of sunshine! It makes me happy!


Bitterness, grudges can suffocate us. I am human. I still have forgiveness issues and I am working on it, working very hard.

Another reminder today, “For in the same way you judge others, Christ said, You will be judged.” Matthew 7:2.

And it’s definitely hard when the one thing that you can’t forgive is yourself.


I know loving involves risk. But what’s worse is not taking risk at all.


Maria and I started our Sunday School last Sunday and it was a success and it is a very fulfilling feeling to be able to help others.



It’s very simple. When life hands you a lemon, make a lemonade. I am sure that there are a whole lot of people out there who experienced misfortunes more than you do. So just be thankful, be happy, be optimistic. Transform obstacles into opportunities.

Life is beautiful. And how to make it more beautiful is to live a meaningful life.

Now tell me what is your criteria of happiness?

M&M’s Sunday School

sundayMagic and Maria’s New Adventure. A free Sunday School for those children living nearby R. Sacedon St. Poblacion Hagonoy Davao del Sur.

Maria Corazon is teaching part time at one of the Universities in Davao del Sur. And I am an entrepreneur with so many things going on my brain. I work 4hours part time doing stuff on the Internet, I work full time as Reliv Distributor/Provincial Leader going to Pharmacies in Mindanao areas.


We both are mothers. We both are conversationalists. And now we both are TEACHERS. We will be teaching this new generation. We will teach with the big J. Teaching with Joy and with Jesus. See you this Sunday!



blogI’m into blogging!
And I never wanna stop!
Some may like it, some may not,
Oh some may just even ignore it,
For it costs nothing, much fewer than a lot….
Some take lessons from it maybe?
Some maybe get inspired…
My motive is to let readers read; educate, influence, delight!
From stories, opinions, views about our lives.


Let’s drink coffee


I am not a coffee drinker but I decided a long time ago to try something new and enjoy life’s simple adventures. Here it is, I am drinking coffee and to my surprise It’s deliciouso muchos. Now after the first cup, I feel like reading, I feel like watching a movie, I feel like writing and I just don’t want to give my thoughts a chance to escape from this small brain of mine. On the other laptop “Facing the Giants” is playing, on my right is a book entitled 5 Dreams of Every Woman.On my lap is my laptop and typing my thoughts away. Wuhooooo. I feel invigorated to multitask. Adventure it is.

Coffee- I tasted the sweetness and bitterness all in one. Yum. Living is like a coffee. Working is like a coffee. Motherhood is like a coffee. Dying is like a coffee. They are all bittersweet.Two different tastes yet when combined…it’s delicious. Today I conclude that everything in life is a combination of two different sides…positive and negative. Living is worthwhile when you will taste the bitterness and sweetness…like that of a coffee I sipped 20 minutes ago.