Laugh out Loud


It’s more fun in the Philippines. 

Hello Ladies and Gents, this one was made by my friend Maria and I LOL-ed and guffawed alot reading this. If you don’t like the post, then keep your mouth shock. Just connect me if I’m wrong. But laughter is a blessing in the skies. This is for your FYI. I don’t like it when the car windows are shut. I feel sophisticated.

Ladies and Gents when you smile and laugh, you actually added value to your face. 





Sumptuous dinner at Ekit’s










The name of the restaurant is Ekit’s Pochero Haus and they serve delicious Pochero. Pochero is one of the most popular and favorite stew of the Filipinos. This is a real comfort food during rainy season. Wuhoooo. Tonight, It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t even close to that. But we had a sumptuous dinner with so many dishes served; Pochero, Crabmeat, Grilled Fish, Chorizo, seashells. And take note with everything that we ate tonight we paid only 700 pesos, that’s about 14 dollars good for 7 people and we had some leftover. Amazing!

Financial Freedom?

ImageEnriching the minds of the young people of the PhilippinesImageThe members of Cebu Cashflow Club and Davao Cashflow Club and some new peopleImage


Good job TEAM

Say hello to Financial Freedom!

The reason why I am posting it here because there are alot of women nowadays who go to an online dating site looking for a man who can get them out of the rat race, to give them financial freedom but hey that should not be the case. Hello Ladies out there, You have to work your way out of the rat race knowing what Financial Freedom is.

You cannot just say these:

I will find a rich man to take care of me.

I don’t want to deal with finances and will ignore it.

I will take the easy road today and deal with the consequences in the future.

I will find a foreigner man so I can be free from debts and be free from poverty.

I am not a hyprocite to say that I have not thought of this before. You are not alone lady. These are the common choices women make nowadays. But what if I tell you a different route can be done? God gave us the brain, to think and to make reasonable, decent choices.

We all go through challenges and tough times. In our career, in our family finances and in some of our businesses. But Congratulations to you and to us because this is just the beginning of our journey. Our journey towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

“Financial freedom is much more than having money. It’s the freedom to be who you really are and do what you really want in life. And many of us, especially women, lose site of this by putting others first and playing many different roles such as parent, spouse, employee, friend, and more.

If you want to be financially-free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past. It’s a process of growth, improvement and gaining spiritual and emotional strength to become the most powerful, happy, and successful “you” possible. That is the true reward of financial freedom.”

– By Kim Kiyosaki

If you want to play this game with our team, please let me know. It’s fun. It’s more fun. It’s more fun doing it here in the Philippines. LOL.



What’s your God-given talent?


Second Day in Cebu City




Finally, I got a visitor today. Lord thank you that you finally speak to this person. Holy Spirit thank you for touching the heart of this woman.




Pastor Zab, my favorite Pastor in Victory Christian Fellowship Cebu City.

Ok, so I seldom talk about what I learn from the church but today I am going to share it. But I have to start it by asking these questions to you, yes you, reader;

Which part of your body are you afraid to lose?

What talent, strength or gift do you have that you are excelling right now?

In church today, we talked about God-given gifts, talents, skills, and abilities to be used in choosing which ministry to join and serve. Here are the 3 points I noted down:

1. God has given each one of us gift. (If you are walking in God’s favor, You are God’s favorite.) And we are all God’s favorite, so we all have talents and skills.

2.We should use our gift to serve others.

3. Use your gift to glorify God.

Jesus did not come here to be served but rather to serve. We don’t deserve anything, that is why we need to serve.

I still don’t know what my skills and talents are but I am willing to be used for God’s greater glory. Lord I pray that I will be able to discover my talents and skills so I can use it serve You. To serve you with gladness, humility, diligence and faithfulness.





A healthy breakfast shake. TRY THIS!




1 piece of Carrot

5 tablespoons of Malunggay (Horse radish tree, drumstick tree) leaves

3 small slices of Pineapple

1/2 slice of Mango

2 scoops of Reliv Slimplicity Vanilla

2 scoops of Reliv Fibrestore

2 cups of ice cubes


How to do it? 

Use the blender, put the ice cubes first, then the pineapple, carrot, mango.

Once they are blended properly, put the Malunggay leaves. Add 2 scoops of Vanilla Slimplicity and 2 scoops of Fibrestore.

Voila! It’s done!

healthy! No sugar! No milk! yumyum

Enjoy your breakfast guys!


Surfin Ribs in Paseo Arcenas Cebu City



So Ok, I made a promise to myself I am going to stop eating so much food especially with those that are rich in cholesterol but tonight I have to forget about it and just enjoy my dinner. Ohhhhsoyummy,so delicious spicy shrimps and crabs with plenty of garlic and of course a good conversation with friends equals a HAPPY ME.



Surfin Ribs @ Paseo Arcenas, Cebu City

Passport to Heaven







My Prayer: I am a sinner, I am not worthy of your love Father, I have hurt you so badly, so deeply that it left a big scar on you, Yet you forgave me and offered heaven as a gift to me, Lord, thank you that despite my mishap and flaws you remain faithful to me, you remain a Father to me. A father who accepted me for what I am, for who I am. A father who gave me everything, a father who offered an everlasting love (Jer 31:3). Thank you father, I offer my life to you. For you deserve all the glory and honor and praise and love. Thank you Father. I love you. 


Your daughter,