What is your contribution to our Mother Nature?



3 goals

I am committed to bringing forth an

Environmentally Sustainable

Socially Just

Spiritually Fulfilling human presence in this planet


Ask yourself now? How can you contribute to make this planet a wonderful world to live. I am not an enviromentalist but I love nature and I want my kids, my grandkids, my great grand kids to experience nature and to be able to live beautifully, and be able to breathe clean air.

Note for today: Pain is inevitable, and we feel the pain because we love and we care. Remembering the Yolanda victims made me sad because I care about the nature and the lives that were lost during that time.

Only in the Philippines Experiences: MRT, LRT, Bus, Footbridge, Jeepney

I stayed in Manila for 7 days. I tried all means of public transportation to also experience what the mass have all experienced. I was so dizzy to look at so many people in the train station. They have two train transportation called MRT( Mass Railroad Transit) and LRT (Light Railroad Transit). I did try it for the sake of experience. I wondered why all people were so eager to jump out from the train. It was in the second to the last station that I noticed people were already at the door, the time it halted to the last stop. It was me and my friend Jean who were left there. I have to do it, because the last time I tried their pace when I put my card for the first time it went out again and the person who was standing at my back got mad because I was very slow.


I tried the Bus ride from Trinoma to Ortigas because I would be attending church at VCF Robinsons Galleria. I love the Bus ride, I could not complain. But what I did not like about riding the bus is the tormenting footbridge walk. You have to climb a footbridge to be able to cross to the other street. I forgot to take pictures though, I was bringing my bags, my hands were full, the scorching heat of the sun made me want to run and get it over with.

I was so lucky for this trip because I did not have to ride a jeepney. I have a friend who has a driver who always picked me up to be able to get to the location I needed to go, I even boarded her Porsche Cayenne (said with the hint of pride, because I don’t know if I could buy or even rode it again.) While I was inside the car I saw the jeepney. I was surprised to see that their Jeepneys have bars like that in the picture.Image


I asked my friend’s driver and he said it was use for protecting themselves from thieves
during the night.I was just surprised. That’s all.



What kind of Philippine Animal are you?

Hi Everyone, You might want to know what kind of Philippine animal are you, you might want to take this assessment. In each row containing 4 words. Choose one which you feel describes you best or most often applies to you than the other three. This is a 30 Item test, put your answers below, And I will let you know what kind of Philippine Animal you are. This is a personal style test that is uniquely done only in the PILIPINS.

1. reliable resourceful rejoicing relaxed

2. analytical animated adaptable aggressive

3. forceful fun friendly formal

4. gentle generous ‘good listener’ ‘get things done’

5. correct competitive careful cute

6. persuasive popular planner personable

7. Inspiring Independent Intellectual Inoffensive

8. Bold behaved balanced bouncy

9. easygoing efficient exciting economical

10. sensitive self-reliant supportive spontaneous

11. determined daring dependable disciplined

12. mediator mover mesmerizing mindful

13. tolerant thorough takes charge talker

14. outspoken orderly optimistic obliging

15. Loyal Leader Lively Learner

16. flighty forgetful fearful flagrant

17. Argumentative ‘Avoids Conflict’ ‘Angered Easily’ ‘Analysis Paralysis’

18. Nagger Negative Naive Nonchalant

19. Doubting Depressed Disorganized Dictator

20. Manipulative My way Moody Minority

21. Bossy Big mouthed Bum around bashful

22. Hesitant Hard to Please Hard headed Haphazard

23. Too Sensitive tactless timid talkative

24. Critical Compromising Commanding Crafty

25. Resistant Restless Reluctant resentful

26. Indecisive Impulsive Idealistic Impatient

27. Stoic ‘Show off’ Skeptical Short-Tempered

28. Workaholic ‘Wants attention’ Withdrawn Worrier

29. Lazy Loud ‘Lord it over’ ‘Lacks spontaneity’

30. Perfectionist Procastinator Pushy Pesky

Are you a Dominant Eagle?

Are you an Influential Rooster?

Are you a Steady Carabao?

Are you a Corrective Tarsier?

Credits to Jayson Lo for this YOUnique Personal Style Test

– See more at: https://www.christianfilipina.com/forum/thread.php?id=48052#sthash.nX1d1pGu.dpuf

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What is Filipino Time?

So I am here at McDonalds waiting for a friend to arrive. We made an agreement to meet at exactly 2 oclock sharp. But it’s already 3 oclock, she still hasn’t arrived. Filipino time describes how Filipinos are usually late in events and meetings. This has become a notorious habit to some Filipinos. I could not understand these things because my surrogate parents are American, and I am surrounded by Americans and I worked in the BPO industry for 7 years so for me being late is a NO NO. I am usually an hour early or 30 minutes early when there is a meeting or event. That adds up some productivity, some Filipinos however don’t see that being late is a bad habit and can also mean lost productivity.

This habit needs to be corrected.

Living in Davao for one year and 2 months now made my life laid-back, thus, made me conform to the idea of Filipino time.

Arggggh! 1 hour of waiting.