Parting words to my CF Family

To Sir Peter
Peter, Peter the CF Owner
I will be indebted to you, forever
The experience and training I received here
Will forever be lessons to remember
Thank you for being my employer
I will consider this opportunity a treasure.

To Michelle
You are my first friend here in CF
You also believed in me and in what I can do
You are such an amazing woman I know
And I will never forget you

To Louigi
Your voice, your smile excite me to work with glee
Your heart and passion to work is such a beauty to see
Continue to have that enthusiasm and energy
And you will be forever free and happy
And you will always be remembered by me

To Rocel
I love the sound of your name, like a carousel, mademoiselle
Thank you for all the help you have provided to me beautiful girl
I will continue to honor you as my colleague and friend
And you will always be remembered as my friend

To Rachel
Although I barely talk to you
My heart is still at peace with you
Your last name is Del Rosario
And mine too
What a coincidence right?
Knowing you is such a delight.

To Mafe
I always call you Mafe
When everyone calls you Fe
I always know you are such a wonderful lady
With an intelligence that is exemplary
I will never forget your Corrective Tarsier ways
Obsessive Compulsive that is what everyone says
But to me You are such simply the best.

To Glaiza
Our conversation is limited to asking what and how
But I know you are such a good fellow
It’s amazing to have met you here
And I shall not forget you, my dear.

To Ivy
A beautiful name and a beautiful woman
Your skills to close a sale makes you a superwoman
Your soft voice and your lovely smile
Makes people happy from a distant mile
Thank you for making my stay at CF worthwhile

To Ron
I am truly amazed by your skills to communicate
I dont mean how you pronounce words or enunciate
But your ability to bring people together fascinates me
I will always remember you as funny and carefree
You have a beautiful heart
Don’t ever change that.

To Alvie
Sometimes I am confused who is Alvie and Ivy
Because both of you displayed an amazing ability
Your Assumptive way of closing a sale
Makes you close so many deals
I may not have known you so well
But I will always remember you Alvie girl.

To Ethan
I don’t consider you as my boss
To me you are such a friend, so close
I smile, laugh, guffaw without fear
And that I think is clear
that to me you are such a wonderful man
Who is loved not just by me but by everyone
Thank you Sir Ethan