What’s wrong with dreaming?

What’s wrong with dreaming those blue eyes? Is there a law forbidding me not to dream?

What’s wrong with dreaming a hospital for Cancer Patients? I had been a cancer patient myself and I know how all the chemotherapy and radiation can destroy ones body?

What’s wrong with dreaming comfort? A house and a car? Almost 2 decades my parents struggled working under the scorching heat of the sun, farming the land that was not ours. I walked some 7 kilometers everyday back and forth for 10 years in order to go to school. Am I not allowed to dream on that while I am still on earth?

What’s wrong with dreaming a school for the out of school youth? I have seen so many young adults in our neighborhood that wanted to go to school but cannot because of their parents’ meager income.

I know too well that our intellect and other gifts have been given to be used for God’s greater glory but I also do know that God is taking pleasure in our prosperity and truly enjoying meeting our needs.I know He desires to bless His people His abundance so that I/WE can be a blessing to others and confirm His covenant with ME/US.

I am not going to use the Word of God as an excuse, but this is based on the truth that I know. I believed that we are already redeemed by God with all the curses of the law in Deuteronomy 28. These are spiritual death, sickness and poverty.


Deut 28:1-4 (you can open your Bible and read the entirety)

If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God:

You will be blessed in the city and blessed in the country.

The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock—the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks.

I don’t think any good charitable works one shall do on earth will gain you access to heaven. I am not trying to perform infront of God’s eyes but I just want to claim and believe His promises to be TRUE. Is it wrong to believe His promises? What shall we do on earth? Slack off? and wait for the apple to fall on our mouths just like Juan Tamad (Filipino for “Lazy John”)? Is that the picture of living by Faith?

For me, dreaming for prosperity isn’t that bad, but making our intellect and giftings our very god for us is a sad news. We should not think highly of ourselves than we ought, but remember that everything good in us and all the blessings are gifts from God.

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What are your dreams?

I have looked at my dreamboard again and I am reminded of my dreams. I have so many dreams for myself. I have so many dreams to reach. But am I closer to getting them? I wrote them and put pictures on it just so I could visualize them. I have done it 2 years ago, I have 7 more years to comply for it.

-Bloody Red Mazda 3
-House in the middle of the woods with 3 bedroom/2 bath made mostly of wood.
-Vacation in Prague, New Zealand and Japan
-College Education for daughter-DONE
-School for free teaching English and Values
-Hospital somewhere in Bukidnon that offers no medicine, no surgery, no radiation but just plain nutrition, no pollution, fresh air, organic fruits and vegetables (joint venture with my friend)

I know some of my dreams are only for myself because I believe God’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I follow this mnemonic M-A-G-I-C from a young friend of mine Jan Hilado who is already an author of a book called Rich, Real, Radical.

M-easurable. Don’t just say I want a happy family. Say I want a happy family with 1 boy, 2 girls in 2015.

A-mbitious. Ambition is not a negative word, it simply means you dream high, you aim high. Because bigger dreams can actually keep someone excited. Make it attainable as well.

G-odly. Dreams that are not Godly can make someone miserable and empty. Notice that the G is actually in the middle of the word MAGIC because that only means that God should be the center of our dreams. He is the Great source. He is the richest among the rich. Discover the dreams that God has placed in your heart. I am really dreaming of building my own school and educate the young children for a better and beautiful tomorrow.

I-maginative. I can now imagine my house in the middle of the woods as a matter of fact I browsed the internet and looked for something that is almost the same with what I have in mind.I want to be married to a man with blue eyes, blonde hair, strong arms, taller than me, inlove with God and have heart for service.

C-omplete. Your dreams should touch all important aspects in your life; spiritual, family, physical, financial.

What triggered me to write this post is the message that I received today, I was invited to teach again at the University of Southeastern Philippines for another 10 days and I was like asking myself, shall I do this or not? But how can I say NO to 40 incoming college students who I can probably inspire, who will need God in their lives.

Lord thank you for this beautiful reminder. Thank you that you are lining up things in my favor: the right people, the right breaks, the right opportunities. I surrender my mind, my heart, my will and my emotions and even these dreams of mine Father God, so that I can live as a testimony of Your work in my life.

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You are amazing, Just the way you are

It’s not because we are needy that we need to be validated and appreciated, it’s not because we lack attention, it’s not because we lack self esteem but it’s because we are humans and sometimes we fall short at what we do and we think that we don’t have much to offer, we are not perfect and sometimes we need our self worth badly and we just want to feel good.

Validation and recognition can make a person feel good and I believe it is a basic need to have human connection. We all have strengths but we don’t realize what they are. We all have something good in us, we all have some assets but we don’t realize it until someone would actually appreciate it.

I have to say thank you to the two people who said that my eyes were beautiful. I didn’t realize it until I have to hear it from other people. So Thank you.

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Peace and Tranquility is found inside your heart


God, give me a new heart that I may be able to forgive others and forgive myself most especially. I release forgiveness, even to those who have not asked for it. Lord, that I may be forgiven by others whom I hurt the most. That all broken relationships will be restored, in thy Name. I cannot continue to live each day knowing that I cannot forgive others and myself. I cannot function normally knowing that someone is bothered by my existence. Lord, heal my heart, give me Peace…Peace which transcends all kinds of understanding. I am aware of my Continue reading


This is not Taylor Swift’s Sixteen, this is my own version of Sixteen.

July 15 today, tomorrow’s July 16. It’s been 2 years since I had surgery done. That day when my faith was being tested. Tomorrow’s Mama’s 8 years living six feet below the ground. 16th of July I always feel sad because someone so dear to us left us with eternal humdrum, but for some reason today I feel elated. Everyday is a celebration of life. Every tomorrow is a commemoration of something great that happened yesterday. I had that big C. Cancer, Challenges financially, emotionally, Broken relationship, same day the Doctor discovered I have an incurable disease. But I have the Biggest God so I conquered them all.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:24-26

Nothing is too difficult for Him. Any insurmountable challenges will become so easy. Faith is when you believe even if you don’t understand. I simply did not understand that time. When I learned all of these, there was a tsunami in Japan and I said to myself Oh thank you Lord because the world is going to end any time soon. What a coward response!
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Beautiful imperfections

Life’s a bit challenging these days, but what’s life without challenges. I have to keep living until I no longer ache for something. “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” Thanks to -Bernice Johnson Reagon. It’s funny how I got so used to complaining when this site is supposed to inspire people to live life beautifully, to be happy, to be faithful to those little things. But I guess there’s really not a thing called perfect. Life is beautiful despite imperfections. Life is beautiful despite challenges. People are beautiful despite mishaps. People are beautiful despite all the scars they have.


I continue to live each day in my attempt to find myself, to find my purpose, to find my core. I am not chasing anymore, I will just let it be. Walk slowly, savor each day, breathe the air in, sigh if there’s a need to and enjoy life’s challenges.



A Letter to Francis

Dear Mr. Francis,

You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I want to thank you for all the happiness we shared in life. Though the path we have taken had never been easy, I promise you to always be by your side- to support you, to be strong when you are weak. I couldn’t imagine what would have been life without you. You are the pillar I lean on, the light to my path. I want you to know that I am content on what we have right now. I am happy you have a good job. I am also happy that you have fought for our family, for providing a home for our little ones. Even though I know this is very hard for us since we’re apart, I want you to know I will be waiting until the time we could be together again. I am very happy with the family I have with you. The smiles on our girls faces only prove the fire of our love burning, in fact, it still is burning. A flame no one can put out for God is behind it’s flame. I am your better half. The one God has made for you. And yesterday you told me to still hold on to this love story. And of course, you know I would. I have never loved anyone like this my entire life.

We may have misunderstandings, trials, hurtful moments even to the point of breaking up because of jealousy. But that was before. It will never happen again. In the name of the Almighty Continue reading