Smile because you can






Pulsating with life and vigor

That’s what this picture is telling me. Wake up! 2014 is here. It’s another year to enjoy life, to discover something new. Living life is not a routine, there is always something new and refreshing. I made it a habit to wake up in the morning, smiling and thanking God for another beautiful day. As a matter of fact I want to change my NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION for this year.  I’ve written so many NEW YEAR’s resolution, first on the list is to lose some unwanted weight,some unnecessary subcutaneous and visceral fats, and the list goes on with the things I want to change for this year. But while looking at this picture and while writing this note, I realized that there is only one thing I want to do, SMILE. 

Smile and be able to appreciate little things. Smile and be able to say thank you to Him. Smile and be able to say I love you to your loved ones. Smile. Think of happy thoughts (as what Peter Pan said). Think of happy situation (as what Marivi reminded). Just smile even when you are in difficult situation.

Smile,because it makes life more beautiful