Meet Magic

This netbook that I borrowed needs partitioning, my laptop needs reformatting, my life needs redefining.


So hi bloggers, my name is Magic,I am one of the contributors of this blogsite and I am currently slacking off because I still feel dizzy and my head hurts really bad. It’s Sunday and I am supposed to be in church right now but I am afraid I will just go puke everywhere.

Let me tell you something, I quit my job for 5 years and now I am a slacker,yes I work. I work more than 8 hours a day, 7 days a week and with no pay but I am happy. Hoping to get an online job pretty soon so I could be a mother/father to my daughter. I miss my paycheck every 15th and 30th of the month but I don’t miss my work. I just missed the feeling of being able to give and buy something I want for myself and for my baby. These things are temporary and I do know that. Continue reading

I pray instead of complain

Good morning world!

Such a beautiful morning here in the Land of Promise, Davao City. I can’t help but watch in awe God’s wonderful creations. Lord, thank you for the beautiful weather. With our door slightly opened,I feel the breeze outside, I don’t need to switch on our light because the light outside is enough to see the keyboard. I could not complain.

Lord, you have given us resources to grow and prosper. You have given us the wisdom that we may be able to use it to interact with people and touch their hearts.  I could not complain.

You are with me in making this decision,to take this path, to take this journey of helping others. This is Your Will for me. I pray that my family will understand and will support me and not despise me. I want to be the provider for my daughter because when I don’t work, who else will? No one’s gonna bring in food for the table. Lord,you shall guide my feet and I shall walk in the path you have prepared for me. A path towards success.I could not complain.

I was typing away my thoughts since this morning and my head started spinning and my stomach started acting weird. It’s been like this for the past 2days I guessed I have overworked??? Lord,I know You will use me for something BIG in this life I shall take care of myself. The BEST is yet to come. Today is my Sabbath day,I shall rest and I shall not complain.



Prayer for today: Lord I shall not complain, because you have given me everything I could use to prosper in this life, Just give me the peace of Christ, which transcends all kinds of understanding so that I will be able to appreciate what meager things I have. Lord, to you I will bring back all the Glory and Honor.

Note: Lord,I know I have been asking for a lot of material things but I just do hope that someone’s gonna hire me for an online job, and someone’s gonna buy my Nikon D5100.thank you Lord.




Failure is not an option

You can only fail if you never try. _Papito

I still want to go against the grains, I still want to go out on a limb, I still want to walk in the road less traveled by. I want to live life with a purpose, I want to do things for a cause, I still want to make a difference in this world, I still want to bless other people’s lives. So I SHALL NOT QUIT. Lord, I know you are 100% guiding us on this journey. I know you will provide. For our every needs, for more customers, for more people who will value what we are going to share. Lord, we can’t do this without you. So I shall lift everything up to You.




Small things in life








These flowers may be ordinary to some people, but for me THEY ARE HEAVEN. Best things in life are free. Despite my current financial state, my not-so-awesome relationship with my father, I can still enjoy life by simply looking at these little things. Amazing how these lowly flowers can make my day. They speak of sunlight and life. It is so nice to experience God’s beauty and splendor with these things others may regard as ugly and ordinary.


365 1/4 Days

There are 365 days and 1/4 in a year. That’s the extent of my family’s absence in the Philippines as they went to New York for migration. I am left here since my papers are not yet in process because of immigration policies. My better half’s application states he should be single upon entry to the United States. He took our two little girls because it would be easier for all of us in the family to have this kind of arrangement.

Because of this sudden separation, I developed an Anxiety Disorder being away from my common law husband and two kids. I am undergoing an anxiety therapy right now to relieve my tensions as I have developed hyperventilation due to adjusting in my new environment.

Reading books, watching TV, going out with friends and relatives, eating delicious food are some of the things I do for therapy. But what gives me hope so much aside from prayers are the efforts of one of my closest friends who happened to be very positive in her way of life. So while having a very long and inspiring conversation with her, I said to myself and to her.

There are 365 days and 1/4 in a year. So I must consider waking up each day as a day closer to completing that 365 and 1/4 days when I finally get to see and be together with my family again.

A new day brings a new hope. Another day is a day closer to my family.



Life is bright as the morning

Each morning is an opportunity to thank God for another day of your life. It’s another 1440 minutes added to your life. It’s Saturday morning and I glanced at the wall infront of me where I put all my stickynotes as reminders.  Things such as;

It’s going to be a beautiful day

God will provide

Don’t Quit

I am awesome

Today I am 67 kilos

Each morning is an opportunity to wake up better and wiser -not merely older.

I always remind myself that everyday is a beautiful day. Everyday is a blessing and one should not waste it by remembering yesterday’s decisions and yesterday’s failures. Move on. Press on. Do something. Enjoy life. Enjoy the mundane and your day will become extraornidary. Enjoy the little things in life like the sound of the chicken outside, the hustle and bustle of the city, the noisy neighborhood because that only means YOU ARE ALIVE. God has given you a chance. A chance to become better. A chance to become blessings to others. A chance to love yourself and others. A chance to forgive yourself and others. A chance to laugh. A chance to live.




It’s almost 12 oclock and I am still up. Music in the background says “Your grace is enough.” It’s amazing how I feel so secured to this promise. Lord, I will just obey. I will just believe in your words that You will never forsake nor leave us.



Choose the Right Choice


Choice shapes who we are and what we are today. Whether it is positive or negative, it has always been the product of our choice. Our current situation reflects the choices we make in the past. The choice we make today will reveal its fruit in the coming years. You think your life is a mess, let’s ponder for a moment. What are the choices we make in the past that lead to our current disposition?

In life, you only have two choices; to be better or bitter. There may be circumstances that we don’t wish to be…  like to be in a poor family, to have a broken parents or maybe you’re born without a limb—these are all beyond our control. But, we have all the choices to take a short single step and make things better. We may not control the things around us, but we can always control the things inside us.

And in every choice we make, acknowledge God. For His ways are pure and perfect (Psalm 18:30) When our choice is from God, we know it’s the Best! Choose well.


Fear Not

“The Lord will keep you safe” – Proverbs 3:26

Every time I think about tomorrow, next week, next month…I fear. I fear that there would be no more work to do, no more food to eat, no more money to spend. I am not so used to this kind of feeling. The Fear of Lack is now on its way to immobilizing me. Fear is part of life. It’s  there to warn us that danger is coming. It’s there to also remind us that there is a God who will keep us safe. A father who provides for His children.    -Magic


Life is Worth Living

Life is beautiful. Yes that is an overrated cliché but for me it isn’t. This reminds me that each day is a day of celebration. Each waking day is something we should be grateful for because who knows what tomorrow brings. I have lived 14,191,200 minutes. I count by the number of minutes I have lived rather than the years. It may look complicated but you know what? This does not only show how long I’ve lived, how seasoned I became but it also showed God’s awesome grace and provision.

I am happy that I can put my life in writing, with not so much sadness and melancholy but of wisdom that God from above had provided.

When people are happy, they smile –Proverbs 15:13

While hammering each letter of this keyboard I give my sweetest smile. Being happy is a choice, being miserable is also a choice. I chose to be happy. I chose to consider life’s daily strife as part of everyday living. What will you choose? Can you smile your sweetest smile? Or will you choose to frown and complain just about anything? What are the things you do to make your life worth living?