Victorious weekend



Dear everyone,

I got baptized. Today marks the death of the old me. The old is gone, the new has come. April 6, 2013. The best weekend of my life. I am happy to post these pictures here, I am happy to make this public declaration that today I am a new creation. 

I want to say Thank You to Rosario Benitez, the person who led me to one2one. Thank you for your overflowing patience and persistence to continue despite all the hindrances and excuses, In God, truly nothing is impossible. Continue to be passionate about sharing God’s word to the people around you, continue to let your light shine, so people would see Jesus in you. You did a great job in taming a person like me. Great job God. You are indeed powerful. 

To my VGMates; Mira Joy, Matet, Glen, Vanessa, Faith, Daisy Jean, Franz, including Nessie. Thank you for sharing your wonderful lives with me. Your lives have become my inspiration to enjoy my walk with Jesus. Thank you for this Godly friendship. God chose each and everyone of us to be part of this one beautiful group, and this is something we all have to cherish and relish. Thank you beautiful women of God.

Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing Your residence in me. I am still in awe. I am still surprised. I am still amazed. I am completely raving for words. I have never thought I could propel this way. Your power is unfathomable, indescribable, inexplicable. I just want to thank you even more, that you will continue to guide me, that you will continue to nourish me, as I continue to crave for You. 

Today, I am a new creation. Lord, thank you that my past has been deleted, my past has been freed, my past has been removed in Your Database Father God, that I am no longer a slave of sins. Your love is everything and You have healed my past Father God. Thank you for your abounding love, abounding grace, your abounding forgiveness Father God. Today I am a new ME.

Victory Weekend is a quarterly event of Victory Christian Fellowship. This is done to people who have undergone one2one and those who want to experience Jesus, those who want to deepen their relationship with Jesus. It is a 2 day training with lots of interesting topics. In the second day, Baptism of water usually takes place. And I am proud to say, I have experienced all these, and I am now ready to be equipped.


Yours truly,


What’s your God-given talent?


Second Day in Cebu City




Finally, I got a visitor today. Lord thank you that you finally speak to this person. Holy Spirit thank you for touching the heart of this woman.




Pastor Zab, my favorite Pastor in Victory Christian Fellowship Cebu City.

Ok, so I seldom talk about what I learn from the church but today I am going to share it. But I have to start it by asking these questions to you, yes you, reader;

Which part of your body are you afraid to lose?

What talent, strength or gift do you have that you are excelling right now?

In church today, we talked about God-given gifts, talents, skills, and abilities to be used in choosing which ministry to join and serve. Here are the 3 points I noted down:

1. God has given each one of us gift. (If you are walking in God’s favor, You are God’s favorite.) And we are all God’s favorite, so we all have talents and skills.

2.We should use our gift to serve others.

3. Use your gift to glorify God.

Jesus did not come here to be served but rather to serve. We don’t deserve anything, that is why we need to serve.

I still don’t know what my skills and talents are but I am willing to be used for God’s greater glory. Lord I pray that I will be able to discover my talents and skills so I can use it serve You. To serve you with gladness, humility, diligence and faithfulness.