What is your contribution to our Mother Nature?



3 goals

I am committed to bringing forth an

Environmentally Sustainable

Socially Just

Spiritually Fulfilling human presence in this planet


Ask yourself now? How can you contribute to make this planet a wonderful world to live. I am not an enviromentalist but I love nature and I want my kids, my grandkids, my great grand kids to experience nature and to be able to live beautifully, and be able to breathe clean air.

Note for today: Pain is inevitable, and we feel the pain because we love and we care. Remembering the Yolanda victims made me sad because I care about the nature and the lives that were lost during that time.


Tips for women who like to pamper themselves with Keratin Hair Treatment

Tips for women who like to pamper themselves with Keratin Hair Treatment

I went to a beauty salon yesterday to have my nails done, while I was there a beautiful young lady had her hair fixed with the Keratin thingy. While waiting for my turn, I noticed that my eyes became teary as if I was weeping, and I showed sign of sneezing. And I asked the lady, why is it like that and she said because the chemical is strong, she added “that’s what you get when you want to be beautiful, it is called tiis-ganda Maam.” Oh ok, I wouldn’t sacrifice my health because I want to look beautiful. Not with a Keratin. So I researched about it and here’s what I got. Keratin has Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is use in embalming dead bodies. If the Keratin chemical they prepared has an unsafe level of formaldehyde, it is not good. The reason why I am writing this because, I know my immune system is well balanced by Reliv Now, yet I had fever last night and now I can hardly breathe because my nose has clogged because of colds.

It’s Ok to treat your hair once in a while. It’s ok to be vain because we all have this desire to look good infront of people. If you are looking forward to doing a Keratin Hair Treatment, look for a product that is formaldehyde-free. Look for a salon that offers Keratin treatment with less formaldehyde on it. Right now, I despise having Keratin Treatment, my nose is still in trouble.


I am confident with a hair like this, I promise I won’t do anymore changes. Oh! I take it back, can I just color my hair?