Gratitude brings happiness.



It’s summer time. I don’t enjoy so much water and so much heat of the sun and so much traveling (5hours bus ride) and of course so much expenses. But these things change when I gave myself a chance to enjoy God’s beautiful and impeccable works. 

Life is so simple. Just enjoy the simple things offered to you and that is pretty much it. If you want to be reminded of God’s promises, God’s works just simply experience sunrise, sunset, beach, look at the sun, feel the waves, relish your freedom of time, even watching the dark abyss can be a pleasure too.Life is an adventure, if you don’t want to try it, you will miss the fun.

I was exposed to the scorching,nagging heat of the sun for over 6 hours (including the life threatening boat ride) and boy, it was one of the best day of my life. The waves, just even the waves,playing with the waves, it was perfect. And I was at peace, not just because I saw the sunrise and the sunset but the fact that I was able to appreciate God for His works. Simple yet beautiful. Very Beautiful. Thank you Lord.


P.s: These photos were taken from my beautiful Land Philippines, at a small Island called Malapascua, its old name was Lugon/Logon. Home of the thresher sharks. (Sounded scary, but the Island possesses a mysterious beauty)



Why are you unhappy? and Why am I so happy?

Happiness is

The feeling after washing my laundry
No Dirty Laundry at all
Watching the sunrise and sunset
Beach, Waves, Sand and fun
When my stomach is full
Watching my daughter sleep and calling Mama
8 hours of sleep
Being able to smile
Morning walk
Dancing with the rain
Champurado and dried fish on rainy days
Garlic Beef from Jollibee when hungry and limited money
Listening to Hillsong, PlanetShakers, Chris Tomlin
Ending a call from a micromanager Boss
Being able to give
Being able to laugh out loud
Buying new books and notebooks
The smell of roses
The smell of rice straw
The smell of banana cue
Being able to fix my hair perfectly
Being able to pay my bills
Sunday Service
Tuesday Victory Group Bible Study
Singing my favorite song
Shrimps, crabs and more shrimps
Hugs from my daughter
kisses from my daughter
Laughs from my daughter
Cries from my daughter
Manicure and Pedicure
New bag
New pair of shoes
New watch
Cold water
Decent Internet connection
Knowing that someone cares for you
Falling inlove even if it is unrequited love
Rest days
Watching koreannovela
No work but with pay
My Daughter most especially
Bus rides
Plane rides
Good sensical conversation
Nonsensical conversation with nonsensical friends
Hugging someone special
Hugging a friend in need of consolation
Eating rice and viand
The smell of downy Fabric conditioner
Being able to say sorry
Being able to say you are welcome
Defecating everyday(gross)
No work backlogs
To know that I am alive and there is still tomorrow to relish and cherish

These are simple joys of life. Life is so simple. Just smile. Just mingle. Just be simple. 

M&M’s Sunday School

sundayMagic and Maria’s New Adventure. A free Sunday School for those children living nearby R. Sacedon St. Poblacion Hagonoy Davao del Sur.

Maria Corazon is teaching part time at one of the Universities in Davao del Sur. And I am an entrepreneur with so many things going on my brain. I work 4hours part time doing stuff on the Internet, I work full time as Reliv Distributor/Provincial Leader going to Pharmacies in Mindanao areas.


We both are mothers. We both are conversationalists. And now we both are TEACHERS. We will be teaching this new generation. We will teach with the big J. Teaching with Joy and with Jesus. See you this Sunday!