What is Filipino Time?

So I am here at McDonalds waiting for a friend to arrive. We made an agreement to meet at exactly 2 oclock sharp. But it’s already 3 oclock, she still hasn’t arrived. Filipino time describes how Filipinos are usually late in events and meetings. This has become a notorious habit to some Filipinos. I could not understand these things because my surrogate parents are American, and I am surrounded by Americans and I worked in the BPO industry for 7 years so for me being late is a NO NO. I am usually an hour early or 30 minutes early when there is a meeting or event. That adds up some productivity, some Filipinos however don’t see that being late is a bad habit and can also mean lost productivity.

This habit needs to be corrected.

Living in Davao for one year and 2 months now made my life laid-back, thus, made me conform to the idea of Filipino time.

Arggggh! 1 hour of waiting.