Peace and Tranquility is found inside your heart


God, give me a new heart that I may be able to forgive others and forgive myself most especially. I release forgiveness, even to those who have not asked for it. Lord, that I may be forgiven by others whom I hurt the most. That all broken relationships will be restored, in thy Name. I cannot continue to live each day knowing that I cannot forgive others and myself. I cannot function normally knowing that someone is bothered by my existence. Lord, heal my heart, give me Peace…Peace which transcends all kinds of understanding. I am aware of my Continue reading


Life is short so ENJOY

tic tac tic tac tic tac says the clock. Time is running fast. Time is running so one should do something. There’s a recent death in the neighborhood I would like to share, a six year old boy who had brain tumor and fought a good fight and finally God decided to see him so off he went and bid goodbye to this chaotic yet beautiful world. Well,what I am trying to say is…Time is gold. It is precious. It is too precious that we should not spend our days regretting our past decisions, our misfortunes, our mistakes. There is so much we can do today. I have over seven near death experiences yet I feel like I have never really lived at all. The death of this little boy made me realize that I am so lucky and blessed, it also reminded me that life is too short. I have lived over 27 years therefore life has been good to me. We don’t own our lives, our tomorrow is unknown and untold. So spend each day with no more nonchalance and mundane, make it extra ordinary. With these realizations I want to make my bucket list.

Things I want to have,Things I want to do, Places I want to see, Experiences I sure want to try.

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This is not Taylor Swift’s Sixteen, this is my own version of Sixteen.

July 15 today, tomorrow’s July 16. It’s been 2 years since I had surgery done. That day when my faith was being tested. Tomorrow’s Mama’s 8 years living six feet below the ground. 16th of July I always feel sad because someone so dear to us left us with eternal humdrum, but for some reason today I feel elated. Everyday is a celebration of life. Every tomorrow is a commemoration of something great that happened yesterday. I had that big C. Cancer, Challenges financially, emotionally, Broken relationship, same day the Doctor discovered I have an incurable disease. But I have the Biggest God so I conquered them all.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:24-26

Nothing is too difficult for Him. Any insurmountable challenges will become so easy. Faith is when you believe even if you don’t understand. I simply did not understand that time. When I learned all of these, there was a tsunami in Japan and I said to myself Oh thank you Lord because the world is going to end any time soon. What a coward response!
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Beautiful imperfections

Life’s a bit challenging these days, but what’s life without challenges. I have to keep living until I no longer ache for something. “Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you; they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.” Thanks to -Bernice Johnson Reagon. It’s funny how I got so used to complaining when this site is supposed to inspire people to live life beautifully, to be happy, to be faithful to those little things. But I guess there’s really not a thing called perfect. Life is beautiful despite imperfections. Life is beautiful despite challenges. People are beautiful despite mishaps. People are beautiful despite all the scars they have.


I continue to live each day in my attempt to find myself, to find my purpose, to find my core. I am not chasing anymore, I will just let it be. Walk slowly, savor each day, breathe the air in, sigh if there’s a need to and enjoy life’s challenges.



Living is freedom

Oh well I have been idle for the past four days, waiting for clients, waiting for customers to call in and I realized today is the 4th of July so I guessed I will go home to our boondocks. Wow. I learned the word from watching Japanese movies. Seriously, I now call myself a youtube addict. I have to go home.

When I am not home I forgot my responsibilities. My responsibilities being a daughter, a sister and a mother most importantly. I wish that 1 day is more than 24 hours so I could fulfill my responsibility as a mother at the same time work and be able to provide. I wish I could do more (assessing myself for the past 4 days, I think I chose not to do anything worthwhile). We are given the same 24 hours a day, depends on how we use it. Each one of us has God given talent which we could use to live life on purpose, to live an abundant life.  God did not put us in this life without a purpose, I am still walking towards knowing what my purpose in this life is.

Lord, continue to send your Holy Spirit so I may be guided and not lose sight of what’s meaningful in this life.

I have been watching Japanese movies,so I could have a good reason to cry. I cried, I laughed, I cried a bucket, I laughed the loudest. The things I want in life are so simple yet it seemed so hard to get ’em.

It’s the 4th of July in the US and it’s an ordinary day here in the Philippines. But I want to scream out loud FREEEEEEEEEDOOOOOOM! I certainly am wanting to be free from negative thoughts. I don’t think it’s necessary to be free from fears, from problems, from worries. Because without them this isn’t life after all.They are all facts of life. I just want these ugly thoughts to vanish because it paralyzes me.

The four days of crying, laughing, sleeping late, sleeping early morning is over. Somehow it helped me pour out my emotions. What a breather!

I have to go chase my dreams, seize them and seize them with passion. I have to go live. Live with passion.

NOTE: There is still one movie I want to watch it’s called YOU DANCE WITH THE SUMMER. Anyone who knows a link? or who has the file? Please pm me. Thank you.


Meet Magic

This netbook that I borrowed needs partitioning, my laptop needs reformatting, my life needs redefining.


So hi bloggers, my name is Magic,I am one of the contributors of this blogsite and I am currently slacking off because I still feel dizzy and my head hurts really bad. It’s Sunday and I am supposed to be in church right now but I am afraid I will just go puke everywhere.

Let me tell you something, I quit my job for 5 years and now I am a slacker,yes I work. I work more than 8 hours a day, 7 days a week and with no pay but I am happy. Hoping to get an online job pretty soon so I could be a mother/father to my daughter. I miss my paycheck every 15th and 30th of the month but I don’t miss my work. I just missed the feeling of being able to give and buy something I want for myself and for my baby. These things are temporary and I do know that. Continue reading

I pray instead of complain

Good morning world!

Such a beautiful morning here in the Land of Promise, Davao City. I can’t help but watch in awe God’s wonderful creations. Lord, thank you for the beautiful weather. With our door slightly opened,I feel the breeze outside, I don’t need to switch on our light because the light outside is enough to see the keyboard. I could not complain.

Lord, you have given us resources to grow and prosper. You have given us the wisdom that we may be able to use it to interact with people and touch their hearts.  I could not complain.

You are with me in making this decision,to take this path, to take this journey of helping others. This is Your Will for me. I pray that my family will understand and will support me and not despise me. I want to be the provider for my daughter because when I don’t work, who else will? No one’s gonna bring in food for the table. Lord,you shall guide my feet and I shall walk in the path you have prepared for me. A path towards success.I could not complain.

I was typing away my thoughts since this morning and my head started spinning and my stomach started acting weird. It’s been like this for the past 2days I guessed I have overworked??? Lord,I know You will use me for something BIG in this life I shall take care of myself. The BEST is yet to come. Today is my Sabbath day,I shall rest and I shall not complain.



Prayer for today: Lord I shall not complain, because you have given me everything I could use to prosper in this life, Just give me the peace of Christ, which transcends all kinds of understanding so that I will be able to appreciate what meager things I have. Lord, to you I will bring back all the Glory and Honor.

Note: Lord,I know I have been asking for a lot of material things but I just do hope that someone’s gonna hire me for an online job, and someone’s gonna buy my Nikon D5100.thank you Lord.