Let’s drink coffee


I am not a coffee drinker but I decided a long time ago to try something new and enjoy life’s simple adventures. Here it is, I am drinking coffee and to my surprise It’s deliciouso muchos. Now after the first cup, I feel like reading, I feel like watching a movie, I feel like writing and I just don’t want to give my thoughts a chance to escape from this small brain of mine. On the other laptop “Facing the Giants” is playing, on my right is a book entitled 5 Dreams of Every Woman.On my lap is my laptop and typing my thoughts away. Wuhooooo. I feel invigorated to multitask. Adventure it is.

Coffee- I tasted the sweetness and bitterness all in one. Yum. Living is like a coffee. Working is like a coffee. Motherhood is like a coffee. Dying is like a coffee. They are all bittersweet.Two different tastes yet when combined…it’s delicious. Today I conclude that everything in life is a combination of two different sides…positive and negative. Living is worthwhile when you will taste the bitterness and sweetness…like that of a coffee I sipped 20 minutes ago.