So here’s my father. For 3 long days he hasn’t been drinking. Kudos to you Papa! So happy that I have a new picture with my father. Thanks to my sister’s graduation day. I just want to recall my graduation day some 8 years ago because Papa reminded me this morning. Ok fine, I graduated with an Award but that’s not really what I want to share. I believe in education, I believe that education is the crime-buster against ignorance, against poverty. For the past few years we did not have so much. My parents worked hard to send everyone to school. I had to work way back college because my allowance from the Scholarship wasn’t enough to fund my studies. I had worked at a pizza restaurant to have extra income. I had to work as a househelp taking care of plants and dogs (which I hated most.) College, for me, was a challenging yet fun experience.

So this morning while trying to fix Papa’s polo, he said, Did you remember 8 years ago on your graduation day everything I wore  were borrowed? the polo, the shoes, the pants? Even the fare he had used to travel some 55 kms +7 kms. The dress I wore that day was also borrowed,the pair of shoes was given by my friend’s Grandma (so thoughtful of her). So every time I relive that moment, I can’t help but feel sad about it. But on the lighter side, it made me who I am today. It made me want to accomplish things in life. It made me become more ambitious and be able to prove to everyone out there that poverty is not a hindrance to attaining your ambition in life. Make it your inspiration to strive for excellence.

To my sister: Yes you only have pancit, afritada and humba for today, I did not have any 8 years ago. So be grateful. Your graduation is just a prelude to your new journey, yes you can celebrate but know that there are more things worth celebrating for. Know that as you traverse to this new journey, it’s going to be stiff, it’s going to be challenging. Also know, that I am here, as your guiding star. 

Just reminiscing.

Just for laughs: Ok I colored my hair back to black, my daughter ambled over and said, “Mama, you look like Dora the Explorer.”-such a smart kiddo.



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